Adoption & Surrogacy


A handful of states have embraced surrogacy, formally recognizing it as a legitimate way for individuals and couples to form their families. Moreover, these states have taken legislative action to regulate and protect the rights of the various parties. But a thousand-dollar court filing fee is ideal compared to the nightmare legal situation in other states.

Power to make adoption orders

Upon an application in the prescribed manner by any person desirous of being authorized to adopt an infant who has never been married, the Court may, subject to the provisions of this Act, make an order (in this Act referred to as “an adoption order”) authorizing the applicant to adopt that infant.

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As lawyers, it is our job is to help you through the legal process as best we can. However, we realize that many of our clients will be unsure as to how to best manage their separation in the best interests of their children. Many have crucial needs that may not be about legal issues. You may feel you don’t have the information you need to support your children when making incredibly important decisions about their future during your separation.


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