Divorce & Separation

Do not have heated arguments or discussions in front of your children

Parent conflict is one of the most damaging aspects of divorce or separation for children – so do not involve your children in an argument between the two of you. Additionally consider the best times to arrange telephone conversations with the other parent and make sure children will not be able to listen in.


Address the issues

Find some way to address your issues related to the divorce or separation instead of hanging onto the anger and hurt. Dealing with your feelings will also help you to be less reactive when issues arise involving your children or your ex. Remember, moving forward is important for both you and your children. If you are having difficulty doing so, find some help

We can Help

As lawyers, it is our job is to help you through the legal process as best we can. However, we realize that many of our clients will be unsure as to how to best manage their separation in the best interests of their children. Many have crucial needs that may not be about legal issues. You may feel you don’t have the information you need to support your children when making incredibly important decisions about their future during your separation.


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